Autism drowning risks

tackled with swim program


By Kathleen O'Brien | July 14, 2014


Paula Tyrie’s family is moving to a house just two blocks from the Rahway River, and she already has her emergency plan:

If her 10-year-old autistic son goes missing, one of her teenage twins will look in the park. The other will head to the river.  That’s because half of all children with autism are prone to wandering, and their fascination with water puts them at risk for drowning.

Secaucus-based companies integrate people with autism into workforce


Chris Rawlins, 25, is a Spectrum Works employee who works as a graphic designer for the company and mentors his peers. Spectrum Works, a Secaucus based company, hires individuals with autism in a unique partnership with Green Distribution in order to integrate people with autism into the workforce.


OSP's Favorite Surfing Academy


Pigdog Surf Academy is a surf school committed to providing a surf atmosphere that is safe, enthusiastic, and fun.  We seek to educate our students on ocean safety/awareness, promote a healthy/physically fit lifestyle, and most importantly, share our love for surfing. 


The Kids Who Beat Autism




At first, everything about L.'s baby boy seemed normal. He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress, and by age 2, he had fully retreated into his own world. He no longer made eye contact, no longer seemed to hear, no longer seemed to understand the random words he sometimes spoke. His easygoing manner gave way to tantrums and head-banging. “He had been this happy, happy little guy,” L. said. “All of a sudden, he was just fading away, falling apart. I can’t even describe my sadness. It was unbearable.” More than anything in the world, L. wanted her warm and exuberant boy back.

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